Our B-Frame garages are the same depth as the A-Frame, but since the rafters pitch across the entire depth, the ridge height is much greater, giving a much more usable space at the rear of the garage due to the increased head height.
The four bay variants are 11850mm wide x 5400mm deep with a ridge height of 4400mm approx.

Kits to include:

150 x 150 Oak Posts
170 x 150 Oak Ties and Eaves Beams
150 x 75 Oak Rear-aisle Eaves Beam
150 x 75 Oak Soleplate
Ex 225 x 50 Oak Curved Braces
100 x 47 Studwork at 600mm centres
150 x 47 Rafters at 400mm centres
2-Ex 200 x 38 Softwood feather cladding

All our softwood is clear-treated with vacsol-aqua to prevent fungal and insect attack


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